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  • Honda TMX125 ALPHA

    Cash: 57,900 Installment: 2,540

    The New TMX125 Alpha is powered by the legendary Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, making it unique from other motorbikes. This OHV engine uses a push rod to balance acceleration and control for hours of easy and hassle-free operations while being fuel-efficient at 62.5km/L at 45Km/H constant speed. And to meet the customers’ requirement for best balance of engine power and acceleration, the rear sprocket is improved from 44T to 38T, making it perfect bike for daily commuting usage.

  • Honda TMX150 SUPREMO

    Cash: 79,900 Installment: 3,390

    The 3rd Generation TMX Supremo now boasts of enhanced features, such as its new and improved engine that maintains its fuel efficiency at 62km/L. It also comes with 18-inch tires, as well as a high ground clearance and a seat height that ensures the riders’ comfort despite the impact of rough roads. This makes the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo better suited for heavy-duty rides and climbs on demanding roads, even when carrying loads.

  • Kawasaki BARAKO 175 ELECTRIC

    Cash: 96,500 Installment: 4,110

    Ever since, the Barako II has been a reliable tricycle motorcycle to our drivers nationwide. But now, it has become more dependable with its increase of 15% in power and 13% in fuel efficiency. The Barako II 2017 is still a heavy-duty, mean machine that is equipped with 175 cc, 4-stroke SOHC engine. Plus, the Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) still gives the rider an ease in kick-starting. It is also now Euro III compliant, which makes it more environment-friendly. And the newest feature of the Barako II 2017 is the Fuel Gauge in the instrumentation panel, so it will now be easy to all our Barako drivers to check their fuel level.

  • Kawasaki CT 100

    Cash: 59,200 Installment: 2,480

    The CT100 is the flagship model of the CT series. It sports a 100cc engine with 4-stroke and SOHC. This design is brought to you by Bajaj technology. With all these, it makes the CT100 the most fuel efficient model in the CT series that gives extraordinary mileage. This could be the hero to all our hard-working tricycle drivers.

  • Kawasaki CT 100B

    Cash: 55,200 Installment: 2,280

    Just like its twin, the CT100B is a hero in fuel efficiency! Equipped with 4-stroke, SOHC, 100cc engine, this model can also give extraordinary mileage to its driver. Plus, it sports the classic Philippine tricycle look with lesser plastic parts and round headlamp. The CT100B is your go-to tricycle model, fuel efficient and at the same time very economical.

  • Kawasaki CT125

    Cash: 61,700 Installment: 2,580

    The newest hero of the Filipino tricycle drivers has finally come! The long wait is over because the CT125 is here! Equipped with 4-stroke, 125 cc., SI engine, the CT125 is the most powerful in the 125cc class with a max. power of 9.86 HP @ 7500 rpm and max. torque of 1.07 Kgf.m @ 5500 rpm. These features are the essential features for mid to heavy duty use. It also sports new features like the electric start for easier starting, fuel gauge for readily available information regarding fuel level, and 5-Speed Transmission to achieve better Low-End Torque, Pick Up and to obtain maximum Mileage the gear ratios are spread uniformly across all gears.

  • Kawasaki CT150

    Cash: 70,500 Installment: 2,890

    Presenting the new and improved, “Pina-Pinoy na CT150!” Now more powerful, better looking and modernize for the everyday Filipino rider! Similar to the rest of its tried and tested CT brothers, the CT150 is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that is guaranteed to provide you the power and acceleration that you need! The new CT150 now comes with a new fuel tank with a large capacity of 10.5 liters. It also comes with a TC ready frame and new instrument panel with mobile charger for the convenience of the everyday Filipino rider. More reliable than ever before, the new CT150 is definitely the superhero that every family needs!

  • Kawasaki DOMINAR 400

    Cash: 205,900 Installment: 8,520

    Born to sprint and built to tour, the Dominar 400 has arrived finally in the Philippines. Ever since its launch in India, the riding community here in our country had been anticipating for this model. And now, it’s here and ready to give the riders the experience to their most thrilling adventures. This sports-touring bike is macho, adventurous, and dominating. It was born to sprint and built to tour. The newest machine that has arrived in our country that is perfect for the entry-level big biker market.

  • Yamaha YTX 125

    Cash: 57,900 Installment: 2,500

    Nandito na ang Yamaha YTX125 para magbigay ng Lakas! Tibay! at Ginhawa! Ito ang kauna-unahang motor na ginawa ng Yamaha para sa Pilipino, ekslusibong dinesenyo para sa pasada dito sa bansa. Bago ang makina, bago ang frame, malakas na ang arangkada matipid pa sa gasolina. Ano pa ang hinihintay mo? Sakay na!